We are a small team that’s dedicated to bring you cutting edge home security and smart home devices for you and your family. Our passion is in making these devices simple and intuitive so anyone that is not tech savvy can also setup and use them.

Our systems are designed for your privacy. Your data belongs to you, we do not store your videos on our servers. We even have an offline mode in our cameras for those of you that want to have easy security cover, while being completely off grid.

It’s not right that you have to pay to unlock features on a product you have already purchased. We offer you all premium features at no extra cost. All the features included now, will remain free forever.

We are an experienced team, and our specialty is in ultra low power consumption connectivity. In the past, we have created such products for other brands. Now we want to bring this directly to you, with a premium experience and high performance hardware, at an affordable price. Every component is carefully chosen, for peak performance, we do not cut corners on bringing you anything less than the best.

You will notice many companies that offer wire-free cameras also sell traditional CCTV or powered cameras. As we focus only on wire-free technologies, our apps offer an elevated user experience.


• Create feature rich, high quality products
• Factory to consumer direct, premium components with affordable pricing
• Protect your privacy
• Premium features with no subscriptions or monthly costs.

Give Us The Chance To Dazzle You with our Products and Service.

Get yours today and experience innovation at its best.

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