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Advantages of a Wire Free Battery Powered Security Camera

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Most people don’t really know the difference between a wireless camera and a wire free battery powered security camera.

A Wireless Camera – These are usually not completely free from wires, they must be powered by a cable and connect to your network over WiFi. So, you should have a power outlet close to the camera for it to work.

A battery powered security camera is a 100% wire free camera that is powered by a battery and can be placed literally anywhere. It connects to WiFi or in the case of Vuebee, it can be placed even where there is no network coverage.

Here are some reasons to choose a wire free battery powered security camera:

100% Wire Free battery camera

Imagine securing your home from intruders by simply strapping a camera to the tree on your front yard. It’s really that simple when no wires are involved.

No more drilling holes and pushing wires through or even worse, having the power cut to the camera by an intruder.

Super Easy Installation

You do not need a professional to come install these battery powered security cameras for you. They are the perfect example of a DIY security camera system. It takes just a few minutes per camera and you are good to go. Within minutes you can start keeping watch over your home or shop.

Not just Video, also includes 2 way Audio

Almost all the companies have 2 way audio along with Video coverage. In most traditional security camera systems, there is no audio coverage.

You should look out for one that does 2 way simultaneous audio (full duplex) just like a cell phone conversation. Most brands need you to keep pressing a button like a walkie talkie while only one side is listening.

Self Monitoring

No longer do you need to pay a security company for an expensive security system and pay for yearly coverage. These wire free cameras link with an app on your mobile device and lets you check in on demand or alerts you with a push notification when motion is detected.

You will be able to monitor your home in real time just like a security company would.

Besides security purposes, it can monitor the young and old without you having to go and check physically.

Real Motion Detection

The wire free battery powered cameras are fitted with a PIR (Passive infrared) hardware motion sensor which is much more accurate than the software based ones that many wired solutions claim to have.

It actually checks a heat signature of a human and classifies that as motion. The range of false alarms for such a device are when the heat signature closely resembles that of a human e.g. a warmed up car.

With software, even the movement of a tree or the curtains, the camera translates as motion so the user gets many false notifications making the feature useless.

Battery Powered Security Cameras are Affordable

With a camera priced under $100, it is an affordable way to put in a security system. Just saving on a professional installation that would run into hundreds of dollars, makes this worth it.

Portable battery camera

Being a battery powered camera that is completely wire-free, these cameras can go with you anywhere. If you are using it as a smart baby monitor, you just take it with you to the room your baby is and you have an audio visual baby monitor.

Other uses are for when you are travelling, just place it in your hotel or airbnb and get notified if anyone walks in.

For Tech Savvy and the Newbie

Every geek wants the latest and greatest. With advancements in battery technology and low power consumption WiFi, this product was brought to life and is at the forefront of high technology.

Gone are the days of hiring a professional, pulling wires, buying a recorder and being able to do only a post analysis after an unfavourable event occurs.

Even a lay person is now a tech savvy enough to be able to setup and use one of these cameras.


A wire free camera can be placed almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. They are built to withstand rain and shine. With a wide angle view, you don’t need that many to monitor everything that is important to you.

Whether you’re concerned about the safety of your home, your child, pets, your vehicle or electronic equipment, it’s always easy to position the cameras to cover the desired area.

Off the grid + Offline mode

As this camera is battery powered, you are no longer affected by power cuts or in situations where your wired security system has been compromised.

While most of the battery powered cameras were designed to be used only if WiFi is available, there are a select cameras that can run in an offline environment. It simply saves the footage to an SD card that is installed in the camera. So, if something was stolen from your car out on the street, you bet you will have footage to nab the thief.

Battery Powered Security Cameras can be Solar Powered

You may have been wondering that if these cameras run on battery, how am I going to charge them if they are installed outdoors?

Many companies have a compatible solar panel that uses the power of the sun to keep the camera running without requiring you to touch the camera ever.

You should note that almost every company’s panel is designed to only work with their own camera, so check prices before deciding on your setup.

Smart Home battery camera

Many of the wire free cameras easily plug in to your smart home system by being compatible with platforms such as Alexa, HomeKit, IFTTT, etc. Choose according to what is compatible for you.

In most cases, this is not necessary as they work pretty well as a standalone camera and motion detector.

Recording Video Footage

There are many different ways each brand handles recording of video and notifications.

Here are the different ways it is done, you can decide what works best for you.

Video stored in the cloud– This requires a monthly subscription plan to have all video clips stored in the cloud. Usually some other features are also restricted and available only if you are on the monthly plan. The advantage of this is even if the camera is stolen, you have the recordings available from the cloud.

Video on SD Card– You have a one time cost of a micro SD card and all recordings are saved there. There are no monthly recurring costs. If you need to view what happened, the camera must wake to playback the video, which uses precious battery power.

Hybrid storage of Cloud + SD Card– Most of the companies that offer local storage of video on SD card only save video clips so you must review video for each alert. Like with Vuebee, we have built a hybrid solution so there are no recurring costs to the user while offering paid features for free. You can get a rich push notification of a snapshot when motion is detected. The snapshots are saved in the cloud and the corresponding video is stored locally on an SD card.

Without opening the app,  you can see a picture on your lock screen. The advantage is that you can review quickly the image and decide if you would like to take action / view live. If the motion was caused by a trusted person, you can ignore the alert. This saves battery power and lets you run the camera much longer without having to wake it on every event alert playback.


Most security camera systems come in a set of 4 cameras with a hard disk and central recorder unit. This means a huge outlay for the hardware just to get started.

With wire free battery powered security cameras, you can purchase a single camera to deploy and expand the system whenever you are ready for the next one.

Getting a camera which does not have a central hub has another advantage is that it can be deployed anywhere WiFi is available. To cover distant areas, you can simply add a WiFi range extender. You could also have cameras deployed in your holiday home or parents house and your mobile device becomes the central unit to view and manage all these cameras.

Note: There are many companies offering ‘wire free cameras’ that connect to a central hub which must be wired to your router. This limits the flexibility and range of having such a camera. Each hub has a limitation as to how many cameras can connect with it so you must buy more hubs if you exceed this limit or want to deploy a camera in a different location that reaches beyond the WiFi range of its hub.


Being cutting edge technology as of now, there is little chance it will be obsolete anytime soon. See if the advantages match your needs and start off by getting one to test the waters and expand as you go.

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