Make sure to fully charge the camera (for 24 hours) before first use.

The Ideal Viewing Setup

The ideal viewing and detection distance is between 2-10 meters (7 – 33ft). This enables you to recognize a human.
Install at a height of 2-3m (6-10ft) above ground for optimal detection.

Note: It is designed to be installed vertically.

Effectively Securing The Area To Be Monitored

It is not advisable to make the PIR sensor face the incoming motion in a vertically straight line. If the person approaches the sensor vertically, they may not be detected as quickly. You are advised to install the camera at an angle (10% or larger) for optimal detection. e.g. A camera placed in the middle of your entrance door is not as effective as if placed to one side of the door while the person walks straight upto the door.
Detection distance: 30ft / 9m