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Connect with Wi-Fi
Place Indoors / Outdoors

Receive Instant
Motion Notifications

View Live or
Sound an Alarm


Being wire-free and feature packed, this camera isversatile. It lets you keep tabs on your home, packages, kids or pets.

Play Video
Play Video


With built-in batteries that last for upto 180 days, stick it up and your are good to go.

This wire-free camera can be self installed in minutes, saving you time and money on cabling and installations.

It comes with our cleverly designed magnetic mount for shelf placement or one screw wall mounting

• 180-Day Worry Free Battery Life
• Rechargeable


While keeping guard, it protects your camera’s vitals no matter what nature throws at it. Built to withstand the elements, it powers along through every season.

• Waterproof rating -IP65
• Outer shell made from a blend of ABS with Polycarbonate
• Vandal-proof, Scratch Proof and Fire-Resistant

113°F | 45°C

Heat Rating

-4°F | -20°C

Cold Rating


Water Rating


Never miss the action with round-the-clock security.

Get notified in seconds when activity is detected.

Intuitively review alerts, right on the lock screen. Without unlocking your phone.

• Motion Detection
• Rich Push Notifications with attached images
• 33ft (10m), 120º wide detection range
• Reliable, German made Motion Sensor, by Heimann
• Low Power and device offline notifications.


Capture Clear Details in 1080P Full HD

See who is there in Full Color even at Night.

Enhanced picture in collaboration with Sony Imaging.

Stay protected through any lighting condition, powerful Infrared Night-vision is also built-in.

Never miss a thing with ultra-wide 150º view, the widest in its class.

• Automatic night mode switching, with dusk to dawn sensor
• 6 Element Lens, with hydrophobic treatment to repel water


Listen in and speak, simultaneously, just like a phone call.

• Built-in Siren to deter intruders
• Echo Cancellation


Motion Detected Video Recordings are stored locally on the SD Card (not included) and playback on the app.

FREE Cloud Storage of Motion Snapshots – 15 days of the latest motion alert snapshots are stored in the cloud.

• Supports up to 64GB Micro SD Card
• No false notifications, such as curtains moving or lighting changes.


A UNIQUE FEATURE that lets you monitor locations with-out any network coverage.

Perfect for monitoring your RV, car, campsite, or remote parts of your property


SONY Low Light Image Sensor

Ultra fast wake time

Update to the latest firmware from the app

Ultra Low Power Consumption

Bluetooth 5.0 for easy pairing

Peer-to-Peer Connections


From setup and installation, it doesnt get easier than this.


Camera w/ batteries
x 01


Magnetic Base
x 01


Reset Needle
x 01


User Manual
x 01


x 01


x 01


Charging Cable
x 01


Wall Screw
x 04


Screw on Wall Mounts
x 02


Tree / Pole Strap
x 01


Silicone USB Protector
x 01


Solar Panel
x 01

Technical Specifications
  • Hardware Features
  • Software Features
  • Wi-Fi
  • Battery
  • Other Parameters
Model Vuebee VB-101
Image Sensor
SONY 1/2.7" CMOS Sensor
Recording Resolution
1080P - 1920 x 1080
Angle of View Diagonal
Diagonal: 150º
PIR Detecting Distance
Upto 33ft (10 Meters)
PIR Detecting Angle
Horizontal 120º
Minimum Illumination
0 Lux (With IR Illuminator)
Color Nightvision / IR Nightvision (upto 33ft),
Dusk to Dawn , Automatic switching
Dimensions with Stand
109mm x 71mm x 59mm (L x W x H)
Weight (battery + stand included)
Package Dimensions
150mm x 98mm x 90mm (L x W x H)
Weight (battery + stand included)
Micro SD Slot
Full Duplex Microphone and Speaker
Micro USB Power / Charge Interface.
Model Vuebee VB-101
Advanced P2P
Image Compression
Maximal Frame Rate
Full Duplex 2 Way Audio
Supported Platforms
IOS and Android
Record Mode
Motion triggered alarm recording
Motion Alarm
Rich Push Notifications
Model Vuebee VB-101
Wireless Standard
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operating Frequency
Wireless Security
Model Vuebee VB-101
2 pcs
Type Specification
Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery Level Indication
Yes, in-app
Model Vuebee VB-101
Standby Time
Up to 180 days in standby mode,
OR 800 minutes of motion triggered
recording and live view
OR 500 minutes of motion triggered
recording and live view in IR nightvision mode.
Operating Temperature : -10°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity: 20% ~ 85%
Storage Humidity: 10% ~ 90%
IP65 Rated

A few points to make sure Vuebee is right for you.

• It connects with a 2.4GHz WiFi frequency (all routers support this), 5GHz is less common, and not supported.
• Built to be revolutionary, it does not connect with traditional CCTV camera DVR recorders.
• Records video clips only when motion is detected, that’s how it preserves battery life.
• Not designed for use in places with high foot traffic like malls and public places.
• Works with all models of iPhone and Android phones and tablets sold in the last 5 years.

Anyone that can use a smartphone and knows their Wi-Fi password should be able to setup and use Vuebee.

A three step guided setup is shown in the app and user manual.

For assistance, drop us an email and we will help you get it sorted, over email / chat / phone call.

All your videos are stored locally to an SD Card (not included), they are in your possession.


Your mobile device establishes a peer to peer connection with the camera, which streams directly between the camera and the app, bypassing our servers.


We do not store, rent or sell your data.

10ft / 3m

The Premium Experience


We use premium components for the best performance. Additionally, each order goes through a full quality inspection with care.

24/7 E-mail Support

All e-mails are responded by real people (No bots).


Worldwide Express shipping delivers in 5-10 business days.


Calvin - USA
Calvin - USA
Fantastic Camera
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This camera is great. The video quality is pretty nice and the motion detection is quite accurate. The speaker feature and solar charging just makes it that much better. This camera is also very easy to set up and ready to go in five minutes. I highly recommend this security camera.
James P - USA
James P - USA
Wireless and cordless
Read More
This wireless camera comes with built-in battery, solar cell charger. The thing I like most is don’t have to find where to find the power outlet, can install anywhere I would like as long as within my WiFi range. Also, the quality of the video is great even in the night time, I can clearly see people’s face when they come to my drive way in the night time.
Sarah Morris - USA
Sarah Morris - USA
Love this camera
Read More
Everything was just pleasantly, simple! The image is clean, the audio is clear. Very satisfied. Better than the camera we got for our security system.
Charlie H. - USA
Charlie H. - USA
Truly Wireless With The Solar Panel.
Read More
This is one cool camera by Zivif. This security camera is so high end and I love it. You can just tell by the feel and weight of this that it is a really good camera. The large solar panel is the best part about this camera setup because I can be truly wireless. The HDSmartcam app was very easy to set up the camera in just a few steps and it was a live image. It really has an amazing image quality.
Mr. Tran - Canada
Mr. Tran - Canada
Super easy to set up, no need to run wire or wasting $$... Must read.
Read More
Motion sensor of this camera is amazing. A big bonus since it has the solar panel so you basically you don't need to buy anything else at all once it's all set up. Finally it also has an SD slot if you would like to store your recording or it also has the cloud service which can store the snapshots up to 15 days. Planning to buy more to save me the hassle of running wires around the house.
Mike - Canada
Mike - Canada
Good value, easy installation, person detection
Read More
This camera turned out to be really useful. It needs absolutely no wiring to install. It came with two mounts as well, a magnetic mount and a screw mount. I used the screw mount so the camera would be less likely to move around and also make it harder to steal. I highly recommend it if your like looking for a battery operated camera. The video quality is great and you don't even have to pay for cloud storage. Great value for the money.
Warren Orth - Canada
Warren Orth - Canada
Very high quality
Read More
This is a very high quality security camera. I love that it takes the same rechargeable battery as my e cig. Easily replaceable. The night vision is nice. Picture quality at 1080p is great. Field of view is great. Camera head has an infinite radius swivel. Two way audio is a very nice feature and works well. Motion detection with smart siren. (Siren is loud). But the best feature and reason for buying is the solar panel which allows for mounting where you have no power. Easy to install with many different mount options and hardware all included.
Reid - Canada
Reid - Canada
Simple eco friendly camera, no more wires!
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Wanted a solution that I would not need to charge or run power cables everywhere since I have no outlets available. Needless to say the solar panel implementation for power works perfectly. After some initial setup for the software you can just place the camera outside with the solar panel facing the sun, and it just works. One feature I found surprisingly fun to use is the two-way communication, it works great as a lazy way of talking to whoever is on the deck, and the audio quality was good enough that no one needed to repeat what they said.
Mo Mo - Canada
Mo Mo - Canada
Good outdoor cam
Read More
I like this cam as good quality of pictures and great motion sensor. Also, I like the magnetic base combination of solar panel as I can install this cam anywhere. The problem I encountered was the app during the registration. It was asked about account ID. The app stated the account ID showed as above. However, I cannot find the ID. No documentation was talked about registration. Eventually, I figured it out.
Cashporter - Canada
Cashporter - Canada
Going green. It saves using electricity.
Read More
Bought this for my brother perfect gift because he advocates saving the environment and becoming green. Product is grate.
Alex K - New Zealand
Alex K - New Zealand
Great security camera.
Read More
Great security camera! And I love that it’s solar. Don’t have to worry about the batteries. Quality camera. Would recommenced it to anyone.
Canadian Shopper - Canada
Canadian Shopper - Canada
Solar Power HD True Wireless Security Camera
Read More
It is challenging to find an excellent actual Wireless Security camera ( that don't need any charging and thereby no need of connecting wires into it) that can be used with solar power, and I tried several products previously vai some other online shopping channels and solar power panels of those cameras were horrible and I had to return those. Then decided to try this product that came with the middle-level price tag that had an option return it. The first impression- I love the magnetic attachment of the camera, and it's cool and novel. Motion tracking also works perfectly, and it sends instant alerts to my mobile device.
Dragan - Australia
Dragan - Australia
Battery and solar powered, true wireless
Read More
My main reason for buying this camera is battery and solar panel .Finally ,true wireless. Small,compact ,you can put it anywhere.No need electrical outlet,no power adapter, need to hire electrician, totally wire free.It has rechargeable battery and solar panel . Real time video quality is excellent ,very clear and detailed both-daytime or night vision and also two way audio is very clear. For any detected movement you will get almost instantly get notification and you can see pic stored in cloud or on SD card. Cloud storage will keep pic's 15 days for free(usually we have to pay for cloud ). Overall -excellent video quality,clear sound,battery/solar powered-very happy with this cam.
David - UK
David - UK
High quality video and great battery life
Read More
I purchased this security camera to watch over my backyard and night and so far I have had no issues. The camera has great battery life and comes with a solar panel so that it can recharge on its own. It was fairly easy to attach to the wall and connects to my iPhone using the app. Highly recommended!
Steve H. - USA
Steve H. - USA
Love this thing
Read More
Set it up somewheres high and out of sight so if somone walks to your door youll get notification and see who it is but they wont know you seen them. This is nit like live security camera this is just record of who came by and what time hing ... it has its purpose. Like keeping an eye on amazon delivery guys droping packages lol id recomend this to ppl that want record's. Of visitors or things that are happening at deliveries.
Jessica - UK
Jessica - UK
Top quality! Amazing buy !!
Read More
Wow what a great Hd Sercuity camera !! Top quality video . You can see wide angles . It comes with a solar charger no need to run cables every where . Everything you need to mount and install comes in the kit . Even has a app for iPhone or android to get notifications on your device. Great buy !!
Abdul Khan - USA
Abdul Khan - USA
No Charging Required!
Read More
A great 1080p security camera with the added benefit of being able to put this where you usually cannot put a camera which requires an outlet. The battery last very long by itself and by adding the solar panel you have almost unlimited power. I also enjoy that snapshots are saved to the cloud for free. This is something many cameras do not offer for free.
HomeDaddy - USA
HomeDaddy - USA
Easy to setup and works perfectly. Video quality is excellent
Read More
Wonderful and easy to setup security camera. Solar panel was easy to mount and seems to charge my camera up everyday. The camera automatically detects body shapes and records video. It is very quick to detect and record. Probably within 2 seconds. I get notifications to my phone within 5 seconds. You can record to a microSD card and access the videos from your phone anytime.

Everything was simple to setup, and I'm happy with the footage quality. Very highly recommended
Christian Nicolas Pascua - New Zealand
Christian Nicolas Pascua - New Zealand
The most feature-packed security camera I have ever seen
Read More
Solar Panel - for the past week, The only time I have plugged this to my outlet is for the first full charge. And mind you, the solar panel is under a shade! it doesnt get any direct sunlight, yet the camera is still fully charged right now (writing this 12 midnight, 5 hours after sunset) Night mode - the colour nightvision live feed at night is very clear. Daytime mode - at daytime, the feed is coloured and HD. The details are very clear and I can say that it's like my phone that's recording the video outside my house there.


Limited Time Special Offer!


Wire-Free Camera +

FREE Solar Panel +

Outdoor Mounts (2) +

Tree Strap +


I won’t take a chance with the safety of my family.



Only USD104.99

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