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Top 10 Use Cases Of A Battery Powered Security Camera

Security Camera

The real advantage of having a battery powered security camera is that is can be installed literally anywhere and made portable to move to any location as long as it can receive a WiFi signal.

Most of these cameras are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, weatherproof, waterproof and with 2 way audio. They connect directly with a mobile phone to be viewed on demand or can notify you when motion is detected. The majority of wire free cameras also feature a wide angle lens which covers about a 130º view angle.

To understand more in detail how they work, we have a details post about it, which you can read about here.

As a wire free battery powered security camera

Get notified anytime motion is detected at entry points to your home or holiday home. Have a recording of all entry and exit so you can show this evidence incase any break in or robbery happens. This is the primary use of a security camera with smart features to be able to intimate you as soon as motion is detected. View live if you see anything strange going on or sound an alarm to scare off intruders. Besides being a security camera, it has many other use cases which are listed below.

Portable Baby Monitor

Used as a portable baby monitor, the camera can be placed wherever the baby goes around the house. If there are too many alerts of motion, the motion sensor can be turned off and used only to view it on demand. Keeping the sound on, allows you to listen in or speak with your baby. Know when they are crying or let them you know you will be right there.

Wire Free Security Camera

It is also ideal to view people coming in to the house or near the front gate and get notified immediately with each motion activity.

Portable Pet Monitor

While it is primarily referred to as a security camera, it can be used in many situations to keep an eye on anything you want to monitor. It can be placed in the dog house or around the house to keep an eye on pets.

Wire Free Nest Camera for birds

We have seen people install them in their bird houses or in a tree as a bird’s nest camera

Wireless camera for agriculture

Place it outdoors and setup in minutes to monitor the growth of flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc. Look over animals in the barn or out in the open. Put in a wireless range extender and get it out as far as you like.

Wire Free Camera with 2 way Talk

It also has 2 way audio and can be used effectively to view and speak with the kids in a different room or talk with someone at the door. Place it to know when the kids are back from school or when they going out. Its like having a log of everything happening around the house.

Similar to a Wire Free Doorbell

It will not ring like a doorbell but you do get notified when someone is at the door and can speak with them just the same.

Portable Wide angle Security Camera

Most cameras have a wide angle close to 130º angle, so one of these cameras will ideally replace 2 traditional wired security cameras. The general wired camera has a 3.6mm lens which has a 70º viewing angle. This allows a nice view of the living room or even your entire backyard at a single glance.

Wire Free Ultra Long Battery Life Spy Security Camera

Most spy cameras can only last a few hours unless they are wired for power. They are wireless but not really wire free. Using such a camera allows you to get notified when there is motion so you only use its battery when someone is around. It does not need to be plugged in and can last many months on a single charge if used sparingly. Added with the features of being compact, with a wide angle and 2 way audio, it makes for an unbeatable spy camera.

It makes for an excellent replacement of your old wired or wireless cameras that do not have any smart features and can only be used to check an event after it has occurred.

DIY Security Cameras

Security Camera No professional help is required to setup a Wire-Free Camera. It is installed with a couple of screws and a mobile phone to connect it to WiFi. Save hundreds of dollars in installation fees and easily take it down to recharge it whenever need be.


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