In depth comparison of the top 4 Wire Free Security Cameras – Vuebee vs Arlo vs Reolink Argus 2 vs China OEM battery cameras

Security Cameras

We all know that Wire Free Security Cameras are the most convenient way to a DIY security system. The prices of these Wire Free Cameras have come down significantly since they were first released and are affordable for everyone. Just the cost of hiring a professional to install a security system can buy you a nice DIY camera system.

I will be conducting detailed tests on some of the best battery powered cameras and share the results with you so you can make a better decision on what features are most important to you and if you should cough up a lot more for a big name. These cameras were chosen because they are very similar in specification to make it level comparison besides being the fastest selling model from each company which sell in a similar price band. The cameras that didnt make the cut are either because they have quite a different specification or I just dont have access to one at this time.

Some background about the cameras being compared:

These are all 1080P Wire Free Battery Powered Security Cameras.

Meaning there are absolutely no wires involved and can freely be installed anywhere. They are powered by battery and link with an app to send you motion alerts in realtime by push notification. They all have runtime of a few months before requiring to be charged, that is because the camera is in sleep mode and wakes only when motion is detected.


A camera we have designed from the ground up to be low in power consumption and easy to setup and use. Even though I have put in my heart and soul into bringing this product to life, I will be completely objective about how it performs against the other battery cameras we will be testing. Though I will be able to add a little more information on the Vuebee cameras, i’ll try and let the test results do the talking.
Current retail price is USD99.99 for a standalone unit.
USD114.99 with Solar Panel

Vuebee Wire Free Camera

Reolink Argus 2

Uses similar hardware as Vuebee, so it would be interesting to see how they differ.
Current retail price is USD119.99 with Solar Panel

Reolink Argus 2 battery powered camera vs testing

Arlo Battery Security Cameras

Is the industry leader that has sold a tonne of them till date and can get away with a high unit price and a subscription model. Lets see if they are worth ponying up the extra money for. The major difference between this camera and the others is that the camera connects wirelessly to a hub. The hub should be wired to your router. This way of doing things is more stable as the camera ‘speaks’ to its own base, not to different brands of routers. It comes at a higher cost because of the hub, and limits the range of where it can be installed. Its easier to extend a wifi signal than putting up a hub for a camera to be installed a little further away, not to mention the added expense.
Current retail price for 2 cameras with hub is 479.99 and showing on discount for USD324.99
Solar Panel available at …wait for it… USD79.98! (1 piece)

Arlo Pro 2 vs Vuebee

China OEM Battery Powered Cameras

This is sold on Amazon by many different brand names. It is made by the same manufacturer and rebranded for all these sellers. Since I cant list all the brands, here is the image of the model. It is a no frills, low cost model making it the most affordable camera from this lot of Security Cameras.
Current retail price is USD79.99

China Battery Powered Security Cameras OEM


Since I cant do this in one shot, I will have a series of posts while updating this one with the general overall results.

Here are the points we are going to evaluate:

Battery Camera Product Design – An overview of the outlook of the camera, look, feel, ease of installation in different locations, etc.

What is included in the box of each battery camera – See everything that you get for the price. Sometimes a single accessory makes up for the cost difference.

Battery cameras with Smart Home Platform Integrations – See how you can integrate with other smart home platforms like Alexa, Google Home, etc.

Battery Life Testing – Which battery camera has the best battery life before needing a charge.

Wire Free Camera Speed Tests to wake and connect with battery camera via app – How fast does the camera detect motion and how long before you can actually see what is going on.

False Alerts with Battery Cameras- These are annoying to the user and a real battery drain, lets test which camera has the most accurate motion sensing.

Low Power Battery Camera WiFi Technology – Explore further the technology behind the cameras, to help you better understand what maybe best for your use.

Push Notifications on Motion detection – Motion alerts and how smart they can be.

User Experience and practicality of use flow – Just specifications dont say everything, it comes down to how easy and effectively we can use these cameras in our daily lives.

Battery Powered Camera with Solar Panel charging – Placing a camera outdoor and never having to charge it again by attaching it to a Solar Panel. Lets see which cameras support this feature.

Nightvision – Seeing in the dark is as important as seeing in the day. True 24/7 security. If the image is not clear enough at night to recognise an intruder, it loses half its value.

Angle of View – Mirror mirror on the wall, which battery Security Cameras has the widest angle of them all?

Image quality – Overall image quality and smoothness when viewing live. Besides a clear picture, a user should be able to view the camera remotely without breaks in the stream. It should be a the best of both to come out on top.

Motion Detection Range – How far and wide can the camera detect people from?

Image and Video Storage Options – Wire Free cameras with Local storage and cloud recording, which is the best options for you.

Weatherproofing – Place these wire free cameras indoor or outdoors, which ones can weather extreme temperatures?

Audio Quality and Loudness of Alarm – All the battery camera models tested are able to do 2 way audio, which camera does it best?

Accessing the cameras via mobile apps, PC and browser – All the devices you can access these battery cameras from.




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