wire free door camera

How does a battery camera work?

Wireless camera outdoor

Wireless camera outdoor Battery powered security cameras are completely wire-free and can be installed within minutes in any location that WiFi is available.

They last for months on a single charge or indefinitely if connected with a solar panel.

By understanding how it works, it will explain how to maximize its usability and see if it is the right fit for your use.

These battery powered cameras are in standby mode while staying in a ready state to wake on motion detection. While in standby mode, the motion sensor and WiFi are active.

The WiFi is a newly developed, low power WiFi module with heartbeat technology that keeps the connection alive with the WiFi router while consuming minimal battery power.

The camera wakes on motion, does the recording, sends out notifications, and goes back into sleep mode. It does not record continuously, just in small motion clips.

Most of these battery powered security cameras are built mobile-first, i.e., they are to be accessed primarily from a mobile phone to receive notifications and view the live feed. They do not connect with legacy DVR recorders and are not suitable to be used in banks and other professional security installations. They are meant for individual users to monitor their homes, offices, pets, and children from the palm of their hands.

Suggested places to install a wire free wireless camera outdoor

wireless camera outdoor
Where capturing human motion is important. Not aiming to capture other motion of scenery, pets, etc.
Limited motion upto say 30 wakes per day if running it purely on battery.
On demand viewing of the camera on cell phone would be of convenience
As a portable baby monitor since it can be moved around easily, not limited by wires.

Areas a wire free camera is not suitable 

Where continuous recording is necessary.
Where there is continuous movement or human traffic.
In a location that it would not be convenient to take down the camera to charge the battery.

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