Battery Powered Wireless Camera that has Night vision with Color

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When most new users consider battery-powered wireless cameras. they rarely know the difference between a camera with traditional night vision and a camera that has night-vision with color. With everyone only touting the features available. not the ones missing, it’s hard to make the right choice. I’m here to help you understand this difference with real examples.

A battery-powered Wireless Camera with night vision usually means it comes with black and white night vision. When the ambient lighting is low, the imaging switches into black and white mode. the night vision infrared LEDs turn on and act like a flashlight. Being infrared, the human eye cannot see this light while the camera sensor is able to pick it up and offer a clear image in the dark.

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Wire Free Wireless Camera Daylight mode imaging

Wireless Camera

Enhanced Black and White Nightvision with Vuebee. it uses the Sony low light sensor. which picks up all the light for super-sharp imaging.

Wireless Camera

Vuebee Battery Powered Camera with Color Nightvision

This is great for when it is used like a battery-powered baby monitor. you can see if a baby’s eyes are open or shut more easily.

Wireless Camera Wireless Camera

Also great for indoor settings and close range outdoor installations upto 25 feet indoors and 15 feet outdoors.

When placed outdoors, the lights have a limited reach so the image quality is not all that great. When using a wide-angle lens the night vision lighting should also be dispersed widely decreasing the distance even further, as otherwise only the middle areas will be lit. This technology is more suited for traditional security cameras which have a narrow view angle as opposed to the wire-free cameras with wide-angle views.

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For Battery Powered Wireless Camera that have Nightvision with Color:

there are special starlight sensors (the best ones made by Sony, which is used in the Vuebee Camera from their Starvis series) which pick up the slightest of ambient lighting and produce a full-color image even at night. The colors produced from such sensors are rich even during the day and evenings as it has WDR (wide dynamic range) and backlight compensation.

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Wireless Camera Wireless Camera Wireless Camera Wireless Camera

Color provides additional visual detail that may help identify people or objects.

A wide range of colors adds further contrast for easier detection and recognition.

With color night vision, you may get more critical information such as the color of an intruder’s clothes or the color of a getaway car.

By keeping the night vision LEDs off and running it in full-color mode, the batteries last much longer.

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Vuebee Battery Powered Wireless Camera in day view

Wireless Camera

Vuebee Battery Camera with color night vision mode ON. Ambient lighting provided by iPhone’s flash

Wireless Camera

Vuebee Battery Camera with color nightvision mode ON. Ambient lighting provided only an iPhone’s screen being on, you can make out almost the entire room.

wireless camera system

Vuebee Battery Wireless Camera with color nightvision mode OFF, running with IR LEDs ON. Clear imaging right up to the end.

wireless camera security

Vuebee Battery Camera with color nightvision mode ON. No Ambient lighting.

In complete darkness, it is advisable to switch on the infrared LEDs as it cannot boost the image without ambient lighting.

Easily switch between the night vision in color mode, black and white mode or automatic, right from the app.

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